Values & principles and policies of church


Values of church

Authority of God's Word

We are committed to God's Word as our highest authority. We interpret and apply it to our lives according to the principles that rises from it.

The highest authority of our church is the Word of God. Bible is text inspired by the Holy Spirit and thus its message and canonization is flawless. This means that we are faithful and obedient to the Word of God. In interpreting Bible we want to learn to understand those principles that can be applied to each era, place and culture. In applying principles of Bible to life today we strive for balanced and practical action. Action is based on the values of church and understanding the surrounding culture.


Christ in the central

Everything we do and teach shall glorify the person of Christ and His divine essence.

Our church is Christ centered. Each member of our church has personal faith and relationship with Him. Goal for all our action is exalting Christ. In our church we carry out and act following the principles of common priesthood.



We value every one as a person created by God. That way our mutual connection is based on equality, respect for each other and active care.

In our church we are humane and consider everyone equal. Every person has freedom to be him/herself and s/he will be accept as such. Humanbeing is an image of God and created by God and as such valuable intrinsically. We want to keep our church homelike and open to all. Through active care we want to create and maintain open connection between each others.



We are committed to personal discipleship and discipling. We encourage, support and help everyone to serve according to his/her gifts and calling.

This means that every member of our church has personal faith and relationship to Jesus. In our own lives we want to learn obedience and to know Him better through Word of God and Holy Spirit. We support and encourage each other in spiritual growth.



In all our action we are committed to openness, truthfulness and honesty concerning all decision making, policies and communication.

Openness in decision making means that every church member has right to be involved in making decisions through church meeting. Every church member has also right to know about decisions that are made concerning church (among other things economical, functional and administrative issues). Openness in policies means that we commit ourselves to work according to mutually agreed principles. Openness in communication and relationships mean that we strive and want to share our lives with each other and others. We don't hide things on purpose or be involved in gossiping.


Principles and policies of church

We strive to fulfill the values and goals of our church by


1) Co-operation – not just working together

- this means that all the actions are made together with all workers in that area so that everyone is heard and action is guided by goal of each action


2) Building connections actively

- building up connections is active work that starts from me to others.


3) Supporting spiritual, psychological and social growth

– we build and connect.


4) Serving people according to gospel.

Our actions should come from God and needs.


5) By living accountably.

I am myself a living example of what I teach and where I act.


6) By committing to develop myself

in constructive knowledge and conversational atmosphere.




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